Act against Aids

Annual Report: "I am deeply impressed"

Ruedi Lüthy chose a picture to reflect on last year for our annual report. He decided on a team photo because for him the accomplishment of our highly committed team has been characteristic. Despite Covid-19, our team held the standards high and secured treatment for all our patients throughout 2020.

"What impressed me most last year was the great solidarity among members of the Newlands Clinic team. Just like in Switzerland, the Covid-19 pandemic required continuous adaptations to keep abreast of the situation in Zimbabwe, and there was a great deal of uncertainty. Will case numbers continue to increase? What measures is the government going to take next? Despite all this uncertainty, our team was undaunted. Even getting to work was difficult: to reach the clinic on time, many had to leave home much earlier, negotiate roadblocks and take detours. Daily routines and all the procedures at the clinic had to be adjusted frequently. There were also major changes in terms of contact with patients. Face-to-face conversations are an extremely important part of providing treatment and support. However, consultations were kept to a minimum, which shortened the crucial exchange between patients and nurses. And each one of them made a huge effort to go the extra mile for their patients. Despite these difficult circumstances, the viral load in 97 % of our patients has remained undetectable by UNAIDS criteria. That is a sensational achievement! For over a year, the Covid-19 pandemic prevented me from traveling to Harare. I missed the team greatly. On the other hand, it was reassuring that Newlands Clinic continued to function extremely well without my presence. I would like to thank the entire team for their dedication and devotion to our patients. I am deeply impressed."

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