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Annual Report: Innovative course formats for greater flexibility

Hardest hit by the effects of the coronavirus pandemic was our Newlands Clinic Training Centre, which was unable to hold courses on site from March to October. Instead, Newlands Clinic stepped up decentralised training in the provinces.

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Lockdowns, precautionary measures, and staff strikes at public clinics meant that fewer courses could be held than planned in 2020. A total of 685 doctors and nurses took part in a training or continuing medical education course. That’s 70 fewer than planned.

More decentralised course and online teaching
The two-week HIV Management Course held at Newlands Clinic Training Centre was particularly hard hit. Having trained 64 people up to March, the team had to put the course on hold. Another 133 doctors were trained on site in a specialised one-week course. The cross-regional course for experts from neighbouring countries in the Southern African Development Community (SADC) could also not take place because of travel restrictions. Newlands Clinic increasingly opted for decentralized training in the provinces and districts, as well as online teaching. A total of 488 people attended a special customised decentralised training or online sessions for
continuing medical education.

Increase in costs per person
Given the precautionary measures, the groups were smaller than usual, which increased the costs per person. At the same time, however, it was also possible to save costs. Since fewer courses were held on premises, clinic staff were less stretched and fewer outside lecturers were hired. Covid-19 means that the offering of on-site courses is likely to be reduced in 2021 as well. Going forward Newlands Clinic Training Centre plans to further step up decentralised training and online training to remain relevant and flexible. If the situation allows, on site courses will also be offered again.

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