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Update: Situation at Newlands Clinic Coronavirus

While coronavirus is still dominating the world, Newlands Clinic is keeping their safety measures in place to minimize the infection risk as much as possible. Read all about the latest developments.

1st September 2021
Newlands Clinic is launching its Covid-19 vaccination program for our patients. Newlands Clinic partnered with the City Health Department at Harare, where we get the vaccine at no cost. After a short training, we are now vaccinating those patients who want to in the upcoming four months. Our goal is to save as many lives as possible.

27th July 2021
The third surge of Covid-19 has hit Zimbabwe very hard. The hospital situation remains critical with a shortage of nurses. The Covid-19 units are full and accessing beds and oxygen for patients is difficult. The vaccine campaign is being rolled out, but not fast enough. Daily life is further restricted with travel restrictions, curfews, closed schools and churches. At Newlands Clinic, all staff members are continually encouraged to treat everyone as if they have Covid-19. This is to reinforce the prevention measures which we know work – the continuous wearing of masks, social distancing, and hand hygiene. The Clinic maintains a high level of care for the patients and all departments are operational. Except for the dental unit is only seeing urgent or emergency cases. Patients have managed to attend their appointments despite a reduction in the availability of public transport. Food distribution continues for vulnerable families, and support groups have continued in outdoor venues to minimise the risk of transmission of infection.

8th July 2021
The situation in Zimbabwe is getting tenser by the day and the corona pandemic has the country in its firm grip. While millions of people are shivering because of the cold at night and desperately trying to find something to eat during the day the delta variant brings a surge in numbers and new rigid restrictions. The mix of Covid-19, cold, poverty, and curfew is grueling for our patients. Our team tries to support them wherever possible for example with food or covers. The activities at the Newlands Clinic are continuing as normal with an increased level of vigilance and strict hygiene precautions.

3rd May 2021
The situation at Newlands Clinic is improving. Our Training Center reopened. Our Director of Training Cleophas Chimbetete and his team are teaching HIV management face to face again. Furthermore, we resumed all activities such as group therapy, home visits, and dental services. Following strict hygiene and safety measures, we are keeping the risk of infection with Covid-19 to a minimum.

4th March 2021
The current situation at Newlands Clinic has eased slowly after safety measures had to be enforced at the beginning of 2020. Our medical doctors are updating our staff on a regular basis on current developments and findings regarding the coronavirus. The laboratory has new the capacity to provide PCR test for Sars-CoV-2. In February Newlands Clinic Training Center introduced ZOOM-Training. Already, 221 nurses and 14 pharmacists benefited from our transfer of knowledge on HIV/Aids. In March, ZOOM-Meetings are on our training schedule again. At the beginning of March, our shuttle bus is driving patients to the clinic again. This means that the Newlands Clinic is more accessible for many. Our staff and patients are adhering rigidly to our safety and hygiene measures.
Compared to the beginning of the year the situation in Zimbabwe is also easing. After two months of a strict lockdown, the curve of new positive corona cases is no longer steeply rising. This led the government to relax the measures slightly. In February, the government also introduced Corona vaccination on a voluntary basis.

5th January 2021
Newlands Clinic enforced its security measures as of today because in Zimbabwe, the Covid-19 cases are multiplying. We are only conducting treatment and screening if required to reduce the contact between patients and staff to a minimum. We are handing out medications for one month to the patients who are in need since drug delivery is limited, we are not able to give three months supply as we did before. Our women's health center stays open and offers its services. Patients need to pass a screening before entering our clinic. Our staff measures temperature and asks about their health status. For people showing Covid-19 symptoms, there is a separate tent for further checks and consultations. We had to cease training, home visits, and dental treatment. Our team is responsible for our patients via telephone counseling to consult them. Zimbabwe counts 16,000 Covid-19 cases. A lot of people are not getting tested though because costs are too high. The government orders a curfew effective today until the end of January reacting to the current developments. The curfew applies from 6 pm to 6 am.

14th December 2020
A difficult and unusual year is coming to an end. Our CEO Sabine Lüthy explains how Newlands Clinic mastered the past few months. And she is summing up what has happened during this time. more...

28th September 2020
Public schools have resumed, and students are allowed to write exams into their classrooms. This is a very important step after staying at home for six months due to Covid-19. Almost half of the school kids in southern Africa have no access to online learning, UNICEF wrote in their current report (August 2020). An issue that also affects our patients. “Most students on our school fees program cannot afford gadgets such as laptop or a tablet nor internet access for online learning. This has brought uncertainty with regards to their future”, said Marigold Mupunga, social worker at Newlands Clinic. In these dire times, her work is more important than ever. Our social and mental health department gives strength to our patients by providing consultation and individual support.

24th September 2020
During the lockdown, no one was allowed to go out unless it was a medical emergency or doctors appointment or grocery shopping. Our patients have had difficulties to come to Newlands Clinic because public transport was unavailable. To ensure access to medication for our patients, clinic has eased the burden by coordinating with other health facilities so that patients can get medicines near to their home area.  It is essential for our patients to maintain adherence to the ARVs. For the therapy to succeed, our patients need to take their pills without any interruption – otherwise they might develop resistance.

24th August 2020
When the first patients with Covid-19 came to the district hospital Makumbe there was almost no medical equipment. Our Medical Director Cleophas Chimbetete heard of it during a lesson at the hospital when he taught the staff about Covid-19 measures. Together with our Country Director Matthias Widmaier he brought some medical equipment. Therefore, doctors, nurses and patients have something to hold against the coronavirus.

6th August 2020
Whilst the number of Covid-19 cases are rising in Zimbabwe, we stepped up our safety measures. We installed Plexiglas in front of all counters. Furthermore, we replaced our temporary constructions with a new triage tent. This is where, our nurses are asking our patients about their health state and are measuring fever. Taking this safety steps, we want to prevent people with Covid-19 symptoms from being in contact with other patients or staff. And, we are reducing the risk of infection to the minimum.

17th June 2020
Our laboratory at Newlands Clinic finally received a delivery of testing supplies. Due to the corona crisis it has been challenging to import material. Samples we had to put on hold are now being processed by our staff. This is how we ensure high quality treatment at Newlands Clinic. more...

27th May 2020
The great need for training of healthcare workers managing HIV positive patients remains. Currently it is not possible to coach nurses and doctors in our Trainings Center at Newlands Clinic due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Therefore, our team is conducting HIV management training to healthcare workers at various governmental hospitals across Zimbabwe. The first course took place in a town called Norton. The course was well received by the participants. They requested that Newlands Clinic continues to offer support to them for the management of complicated cases. We intend to run the courses in various hospitals and necessary precautions to prevent Covid-19 infection will be observed.

19th May2020
At the end of March, the Zimbabwean authorities imposed a curfew to prevent the spread of coronavirus. The lockdown should have ended last Sunday, but has been extended for another two weeks. The slightly loosened measures in force since May 5th will remain in place until further notice. Newlands Clinic is operating as normally as possible under the circumstances. Precautions regarding Covid-19 apply, such as taking a temperature at the entrance. About 100 to 150 patients visit us per day. Most of them pick up their 3-month supply of medication, but there are also emergencies that need urgent treatment. The opportunity to contact us by phone is frequently used. This allows to avoid unnecessary mobility for patients.
The corona pandemic is a burden for the people, the strict lockdown measures hit them hard and threaten the existence of many. Food aid is therefore becoming increasingly important. Up to 50 people come to the clinic every day to collect maize meal, beans, oil and peanut butter for their families. The difficult situation will continue even after Corona. We are doing everything possible to keep our patients safe and support them during this difficult time.

5th May 2020
As of Monday, the Zimbabwean Government has relaxed certain measures which were taken to contain the corona epidemic. For example, some shops have opened again. But a ban on assembly and work still applies to those people who have not been tested for corona virus. Private and public transport is still not circulating, and masks are compulsory.
The Newlands Clinic has also adjusted its operations. All staff, except for extremely vulnerable risk persons, are working again. In addition, the Woman’s Health Center is open and treating patients. As a result of the adjustments at the clinic, many patients visited us on the first day. While last week there were about 100 people per day, yesterday there were already 200 people seeking help. We are very happy that we have regained a bit of normality. However, we still must be careful and wait and see so that we can guide all our patients safely through this crisis.

28th April 2020
The lockdown in Zimbabwe puts a number of our already vulnerable patients in distress. Our mental and social health (MSH) team is more indispensable than ever. They had to find new ways to support our patients during the corona crisis. Bahati Kasimonje, head of social and mental health, is giving an insight. more...

20th April 2020
The Zimbabwean government prolonged the lockdown for 14 days until the 3rd of May 2020. Newlands Clinic remains open and provides its essential medical services. Between 60 to 100 patients are seeking help at Newlands Clinic every day, and approximately 15 patients are collecting food. Last week we received another food delivery. That means we have enough supplies for the next several weeks. The police and the military enforced its controls and roadblocks, so our staff is experiencing more trouble coming to the clinic. To solve this problem, we obtained an official permission letter from the Ministry of Health. If patients are held back by authorities, we need to decide case by case how to approach the situation. The Zimbabwean government opened a new hospital in Harare dedicated to treating COVID-19, where we would transfer suspected COVID-19 cases. Newlands Clinic does not have the equipment and knowledge to treat patients with COVID-19.

15th April 2020
Thanks to our pharmacy team, we received a large supply of medication. Our stock will last at least another three months. Before that, our stock emptied fast as we equipped as many patients as possible with a three-month-supply. So, they can stay at home during the corona crisis.

8th April 2020
Newlands Clinic obtained another delivery of food. Our stock will last for some additional weeks. Furthermore, our Clinic mastered the first week of the lockdown Zimbabwe well. more...

31th March 2020
Our team pushed itself to top from last week. As of yesterday, Zimbabwean government ordered a lockdown in the country. Before the shutdown, our team managed to distribute medicines to as many patients as possible with a three-month supply of medication to those who are stable. Thanks to our team, who worked tirelessly and without any interruption, this was even possible. From the bottom of our hearts, we are thankful for everyone who kept pushing through this grueling situation. more...

23th March 2020
The Zimbabwean Ministry of Health and Child Care reported its first coronavirus death. Another person tested positive. Newlands Clinic made provisions. As of today, patients must pass screening before entering the clinic. Our staff is measuring temperature and asking questions about the patients’ health status and other possible risks.

20th March 2020
Zimbabwe has no confirmed COVID-19 cases until now. We are monitoring the situation closely. Newlands Clinic is continuously adapting the measures we already took. We are welcoming every patient in a temporary pavilion as of Monday. more…

17th March 2020
Until now, COVID-19 did not affect Zimbabwe. All suspected cases turned out to be negative, the Zimbabwean Ministry of Health and Child Care reported. Our medical staff at Newlands Clinic is closely monitoring the situation and took precautionary measures. more…