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Update: Situation at Newlands Clinic Coronavirus

While coronavirus is spreading all over the world, Newlands Clinic is taking safety measures. We want to minimize the infection risk as much as possible. Read all about the latest developments.


2019 Annual Report

The year 2019 was an extremely difficult time for people in Zimbabwe. Thanks to judicious planning, loyal donors and a dedicated team, we were able to give more than 6,700 people with HIV/Aids hope for a better future. Read more about our activities:


Annual Report 2019

Keeping up mental health during corona crisis

The lockdown in Zimbabwe puts a number of our already vulnerable patients in distress. Our mental and social health (MSH) team is more indispensable than ever. They had to find new ways to support our patients during the corona crisis. Bahati Kasimonje, head of social and mental health, is giving an insight:


Food delivery received

Newlands Clinic obtained another delivery of food. Our stock will last for some additional weeks. Furthermore, our Clinic mastered the first week of the lockdown Zimbabwe well.


Latest Adjustments at Newlands Clinic

Newlands Clinic provides essential medical services during the lockdown period to patients in dire need. Our team makes it possible: Thanks to their tireless and professional engagement Newlands Clinic remains partially open.


«We need to protect ourselves the best way possible»

The Coronavirus reached Zimbabwe: Newlands Clinic took further safety measurements.  The health of our staff and patients is our top priority. Read more about the current situation at Newlands Clinic. Country Director Matthias Widmaier answered our questions.


Newlands Clinic enforces precautions

Zimbabwe has no confirmed COVID-19 cases until now. We are monitoring the situation closely. Newlands Clinic is continuously adapting the measures we already took. We are welcoming every patient in a temporary pavilion as of Monday. Our medical staff will measure temperature, ask questions about their health status and other possible risks. Thus, we are keeping control of everyone entering and leaving the clinic. Patients with a suspected corona infection will be sent to the designated hospital by our medical staff.


COVID-19: No confirmed cases in Zimbabwe to date

Until now, COVID-19 did not affect Zimbabwe. All suspected cases turned out to be negative, the Zimbabwean Ministry of Health and Child Care reported. Our medical staff at Newlands Clinic is closely monitoring the situation and took precautionary measures.


Testing: Explaining HIV/Aids playfully

Love Land App aims to inform teenagers about taboo subjects such as sexuality and HIV/Aids through playing. Karin Stierlin is developing this app with her organization taboobreaker. Next week girls and boys of different ages are examining an early version of the app at Newlands Clinic. In the following interview, Karin Stierlin explains how crucial testing the app is and what result she is expecting.


"The Swiss Human Rights Award is a Very Distinct Honor"

The Swiss branch of the International Society for Human Rights (ISHR) honors Ruedi Lüthy with the Swiss Human Rights Award for his engagement against HIV/Aids. "This acknowledgement for my work makes me very proud", says Prof. Dr. Ruedi Lüthy, founder of the Ruedi Lüthy Foundation. The award presentation took place on the 7th of December 2019 in Bern.


Ruedi Lüthy receives honorary doctorate

The Faculty of Medicine awarded its honorary doctorate to Ruedi Lüthy for his pioneering work and his tireless fight against HIV/Aids. The official ceremony took place 29th of November at St. Martin’s Church in Basel.


Act against Aids at Giving Tuesday

December the 3rd is Giving Tuesday – the worldwide day of giving and donating. We are also participating with a project which we dedicated to Simba. Please support teenagers who are HIV positive like Simba, so they get professional care and are enabled to live a self-determined life.

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