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Ruedi Lüthy receives honorary doctorate

The Faculty of Medicine awarded its honorary doctorate to Ruedi Lüthy for his pioneering work and his tireless fight against HIV/Aids. The official ceremony took place 29th of November at St. Martin’s Church in Basel.

At Dies academicus - the academical day at the University of Basel - Ruedi Lüthy received the honorary doctorate. «I am incredibly thankful for being rewarded with this great honour. I would like to extend my sincere thanks to the Faculty of Medicine. I am truly grateful!», says Ruedi Lüthy. The University of Basel honours Ruedi Lüthy for his committed fight against HIV/Aids. Ruedi Lüthy is one of the most respected clinicians and scientists worldwide, wrote the University of Basel. His research in the field of HIV/AIDS deepened the understanding and was revolutionary and very important to improve the diagnosis and therapy for patients. Ruedi Lüthy is still fighting HIV/AIDS at Newlands Clinic in Zimbabwe, saving thousands of lives.