Act against Aids


Training healthcare workers and saving lives

The Ruedi Lüthy Foundation also wants to make a difference beyond the walls of Newlands Clinic. Providing well-founded training for local healthcare workers means we can share our life-saving knowledge tailored specifically to the situation in Zimbabwe.

“During the course, I learnt a great deal about HIV management – especially about the treatment of children.”

Petezake Zinduku, nurse at Mutimurefu Clinic in Masvingo


There is an acute lack of specialists in Zimbabwe: the shortfall of doctors is in the thousands, and the training of healthcare staff is often not sufficient to ensure proper treatment for HIV patients. We seek to address this situation with the ongoing courses in our Training Centre. The lecturers include Newlands Clinic staff as well as external experts. Prof. Ruedi Lüthy is in charge of the Training Centre, and regularly teaches there himself.


Treating HIV properly

We hold two-week intensive courses roughly once a month, giving doctors and nurses the opportunity to learn how to effectively treat HIV and Aids in children, adolescents and adults. This is essential given that the virus quickly adapts to new conditions, and dangerous resistance can form if the treatment is not carried out properly.

Preventing cervical cancer

HIV-positive women are at a greater risk of contracting cervical cancer. We therefore run a further course where doctors and nurses learn how to diagnose this dangerous form of cancer and treat the precancerous lesions. The course is offered together with the Women's Health Centre.

Sexually transmitted infections

In a pilot course, twelve internal and external healthcare workers received training in the diagnosis and treatment of STIs in 2016. The feedback from participants was very positive, and the course will continue to be offered on demand.

Number of participants 2017

Our Training Centre equips healthcare workers with the knowledge they need to effectively treat HIV/Aids and associated diseases. A total of 630 doctors and nurses from other clinic cross Zimbabwe took part in a training or continuous medical education course in 2017.

Cooperation and mentoring

Our training courses have given rise to cooperation with other organisations. Three clinics run by Population Services International have taken on the Newlands Clinic treatment model in its entirety, while others receive mentoring support. Our software ePOC is now also in use at other clinics, where it is helping to improve the quality of treatment.