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Our team: Foundation office

Foundation Office

Our office in Bern handles administration and financing, as well as fundraising and communication. Following the resignation of Sabine Lüthy for health reasons at the end of March 2024, Roman Mezzasalma took over on 13 May as Managing Director. The entire team will carry on in keeping up with the vision and ideals of the founder, Prof. Ruedi Lüthy.

Roman Mezzasalma, Chief Executive Officer

The communications expert has a high level of management experience in the media and finance sector and has been on close terms with the Lüthy family for many years. Roman holds the reins of the head office in Berne and the Newlands Clinic in Harare and is looking forward to an intensive dialogue with the donors of the Ruedi Lüthy Foundation.

Phone +41 31 302 05 61

Hans-Peter Wüthrich, Deputy Chief Executive / Finances

As an experienced business administrator, Hans-Peter brings his enthusiasm to handling Ruedi Lüthy Foundation's finances and HR matters.

Phone +41 31 302 05 64

Flavia Affolter, Administration

She is the first point of contact for your concerns and takes care of the foundation's administrative matters, from A for address management to Z for payments.

Phone +41 31 302 05 65

Alma Manganiello, Fundraising

She is the main contact person for all those who make our work possible and keeps our donors informed about what is being achieved thanks to their support.

Phone +41 31 302 05 62

Eveline Sievi, Communications

As a communications specialist with many years of experience, Eveline Sievi provides information about the successes and challenges of Newlands Clinic's work in Harare. She works closely with the chief executive and the fundraising team.

Phone +41 31 302 05 65

We're there from Monday to Thursday:

Phone +41 31 302 05 65


Where to find us

Our office is located at Falkenplatz 9 in Bern, just a short walk from the railway station (exit west "Welle"). Nearest bus stop: Universität. We'd be delighted to see you.

Our team: Newlands Clinic

The team at Newlands Clinic

More than 80 local staff work at Newlands Clinic in Harare. Under Country Director Matthias Widmaier, Medical Director Dr Margaret Pascoe and Director Training and Research Dr Cleophas Chimbetete, they provide day-to-day care for the patients and train local healthcare workers from across Zimbabwe.

The team at Newlands Clinic: 86 staff members provide day-to-day care for our patients.

(Photo: Andrew Philip, March 2024)

Prof. Ruedi Lüthy started in 2004 with around 15 staff, among them his wife Rosy and his son Philipp. The team now covers a wide range of professions: nurses, doctors, laboratory technicians, pharmacists, social workers, psychologists, administration staff and people working in logistics and housekeeping. All of them passionately committed to providing the best possible care for Newlands Clinic's patients.

Specialising in HIV

The nurses, doctors, laboratory technicians and pharmacists have become true HIV specialists. Some of them are passing on their knowledge as lecturers or mentors to staff from other clinics, as well as carrying out research projects.

“I am utterly convinced that the best way we can help Zimbabwe is by passing on our knowledge and experience to local doctors and nurses.”

Ruedi Lüthy, founder Newlands Clinic