Act against Aids

Our team: Foundation office

Foundation Office

Our office in Bern handles administration and financing, as well as fundraising and communication. Sabine Lüthy has been Chief Executive since January 2012, and is especially keen to ensure the foundation's work is carried on in keeping with the vision and ideals of her father, Prof. Ruedi Lüthy.

Sabine Lüthy, Chief Executive

Sabine pulls all the strings, staying in regular contact with the team at Newlands Clinic in Harare and regularly making on-site visits. A journalist with many years' experience, Sabine is Prof. Ruedi Lüthy’s daughter.

Phone +41 31 302 05 65

Harald Henggi, Deputy Chief Executive / Finances

As an experienced business administrator, Harald brings his enthusiasm to handling the Foundation's finances and HR matters.

Phone +41 31 302 05 64

Andrea Pauchard, Administration Ruedi Lüthy Foundation

Andrea Pauchard, Management Assistant

Andrea is your first point of contact for any queries you may have. She handles all of the administrative work for the foundation, from A for ‘address management’ through to Z for ‘Zimbabwean customs documents’.

Phone +41 31 302 05 65

Reto Urech, Head Fundraising

An experienced fundraiser, Reto is in active contact with our donors, and devotes considerable energy to planning our fundraising campaigns.

Phone +41 31 302 05 62

Claudia Meyr, Head Communications and Spokeswoman

She is passionate about telling stories. Everything we publish crosses Claudia's desk at some stage. She provides information about us to the general public, and deals with enquiries from the media.

Phone +41 31 302 05 63

Where to find us

Our office are located at Falkenplatz 9 in Bern, just a short walk from the railway station. We're there from Monday to Thursday, and we'd be delighted to see you.

Our team: Newlands Clinic

The team at Newlands Clinic

More than 70 local staff work at Newlands Clinic in Harare. Under Country Director Matthias Widmaier and Medical Coordinator Stefan Zimmerli, they provide day-to-day care for the patients and train local healthcare workers from across Zimbabwe.

The team at Newlands Clinic: 75 staff provide day-to-day care for our patients.

(Photo: Patrick Rohr, September 2016)

Prof. Ruedi Lüthy started in 2004 with around 15 staff, among them his wife Rosy and his son Philipp. The team now covers a wide range of professions: nurses, doctors, laboratory technicians, pharmacists, social workers, psychologists, administration staff and people working in logistics and housekeeping. All of them passionately committed to providing the best possible care for Newlands Clinic's patients.

Specialising in HIV

The nurses, doctors, laboratory technicians and pharmacists have become true HIV specialists. Some of them are passing on their knowledge as lecturers or mentors to staff from other clinics, as well as carrying out research projects.

Ruedi Lüthy, Luethy, Aids, HIV, Zimbabwe, Africa, Newlands Clinic, Medical Doctor

“I am utterly convinced that the best way we can help Zimbabwe is by passing on our knowledge and experience to local doctors and nurses.”

Ruedi Lüthy, founder Newlands Clinic

"I take great inspiration from being part of an organisation that helps disadvantaged people by giving them the best possible medical care and treating them with respect."

Matthias Widmaier, Country Director at Newlands Clinic since December 2014

«The warmth and cordiality within the team and in dealings with the patients is impressive, and it is a privilege to work in such an environment.»

Stefan Zimmerli, Medical Coordinator Newlands Clinic