Act against Aids

First Research Day

Newlands Clinic in Harare hosted a special event on October 9, 2023: the very first "Research Day" with a focus on HIV research and treatment. This was initiated to share experiences, knowledge, and innovative approaches in this medical field and thus strengthen networking among healthcare professionals.

Nearly 100 experts from Zimbabwe’s health sector – doctors, nursing staff, programme managers, and researchers – came together to actively participate in knowledge exchange and discussions.

The conference focused on several key topics:

  • Dolutegravir: There were intensive discussions about the potent antiretroviral drug Dolutegravir, especially with regard to side effects such as weight gain, high blood pressure, and resistance to the drug.
  • HPV and HIV: Special focus was placed on the dual or co-infection of HPV (a virus that can cause cervical cancer) and HIV.
  • HIV and Aging: This section discussed non-communicable diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and cancer and their effects on people living with HIV.
  • Mental Health: Another part of the conference dedicated itself to the crucial topic of the mental health of people living with HIV.

The participants expressed enthusiasm about the quality of the lectures and the opportunity to exchange with colleagues. Prof. Ruedi Lüthy, founder of Newlands Clinic, also expressed positive and proud thoughts about the committed team, emphasizing: "The day was a complete success! I am mighty proud of this team."

For Newlands Clinic and all those active in the field of HIV in Zimbabwe, the first Research Day marks a significant milestone. It strengthened the common vision for improved care and research in a medical field that is of crucial importance to Zimbabwe.

In the future, Research Day could contribute to spreading and deepening the latest scientific findings and best practices in HIV care and research in Zimbabwe and beyond, to develop even more effective strategies in dealing with HIV.