Act against Aids

Women's health

Protecting women and strengthening families

Women in particular are strongly affected by HIV, and are at greater risk of being infected than men. HIV-positive women also have a very high risk of contracting cervical cancer. The Women’s Health Centre provides specialist support and advice.

"We discuss things, and explain whatever the patient wants to know. After all, only informed people can make informed decisions."

Sister Petronella works at our Women's Health Centre

The Women’s Health Centre, which was established in March 2015, is immediately adjacent to the main clinic building and is attended by more than 500 women every month. They are screened to help prevent cervical cancer, and receive treatment where necessary. Since December 2015, all girls and boys aged between 10 and 17 are also vaccinated against the HP viruses that can trigger this form of cancer and other conditions. In addition to this, our female patients and their partners receive medical support for sexually transmitted infections.

Family planning and HIV/Aids prevention

Three female nurses and three female doctors look after the patients in the new Women’s Health Centre, providing comprehensive information and advice on issues relating to family planning and relationship difficulties. Another particularly important aspect is providing comprehensive advice during pregnancy, since treatment now means that HIV-positive women can give birth to healthy children.