Act against Aids


Make a lasting impact on the future

Many people wish to leave something for future generations. With a legacy or bequest you can help our patients in their lifelong struggle against HIV/Aids and support our efforts in Zimbabwe for the long term.

“Aids has caused unimaginable suffering in Zimbabwe. When an HIV patient gives birth to a healthy baby or a child with HIV can go back to school, that’s a symbol of hope. That’s what we work for, every single day.”

Professor Ruedi Lüthy, founder of the Foundation and Newlands Clinic

Our efforts to combat Aids/HIV in Zimbabwe are a multi-generational project. The about 8,000 destitute patients of Newlands Clinic in Harare rely their whole life long on complex therapy, and thus on our support. Comprehensive HIV treatment gives our patients and their families independence and new prospects.

As a recognised charitable organisation we are exempt from inheritance and gift tax. This ensures that your full legacy or bequest goes to support our project in Zimbabwe.

Draw up a will – easily and securely

We work with a partner organisation called to enable you to draw up a will free of charge, with no strings attached, and include the Ruedi Lüthy Foundation in it. Three steps take you to your individual will:

  • Enter all your heirs
  • Define who is to receive what share of your estate
  • Once you’ve created your will, write it out by hand

Keep your handwritten will somewhere it’s well protected and easy to find (with a trusted person, your lawyer or your local authority).

Draw up a will

Your contact

For our patients our support means nothing less than a new life. Thank you for remembering people with HIV/Aids in Zimbabwe!

Any questions? We’re there for you:

Manuela Baumgartner and the RLF team
T +41 31 302 05 65,