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Obituary of Hans Lutz

Following the establishment of the foundation in 2003, Hans Lutz worked alongside Ruedi Lüthy as a member of the board of trustees and as a long-time companion in the development and operation of Newlands Clinic in Harare. After Ulrich Mayer stepped down as a chairman of the board of trustees at the beginning of 2022, Hans took over his role until his death in March 2024.

For these 20-plus years he was a motivator and initiator who worked with conviction for the interests of the foundation. Hans Lutz was a strong leader who acted strategically, consistently and responsibly in practical matters and benevolently and generously on the human level. The Ruedi Lüthy Foundation is losing far more than just a trustee; we're saying goodby to a reliable and responsible supporter and, above all, a loyal friend.

We are extremely grateful to Hans Lutz for his many years of voluntary service. He remains a role model for us; his open, approachable manner, his gift for reaching out and his ability to bring people together should serve as a guide for our future work at the foundation.