Act against Aids

On the resignation of Sabine Lüthy

Sabine Lüthy has headed the foundation since 2012 with great passion, leadership and social aplomb. Over these twelve years she raised awareness in Switzerland of the fact that HIV is still a pressing health problem in Zimbabwe. Thanks to her spirited commitment and charming perseverance, year after year she convinced many generous people to help keep Newlands Clinic in Harare running with their donations.

Sabine leaves a big gap as a person, but her health now has to take centre stage. The entire team at head office in Bern, as well as the board of trustees, would like to thank her for her tireless efforts and wish her every strength and a lasting recovery.

Sabine, you took over the management of the foundation in 2012. Was it always clear to you that you would one day work for the foundation?

No, because I really liked my work as a radio journalist. But the foundation's work and progress were always present in our everyday family life. When my father asked me to help, I didn't have to think twice. I have never regretted my decision.

Now you've been forced to step down because of long covid. How do you feel about that?

I'm very sad and miss my work and the people in Bern and Harare very much. But unfortunately there's no other way at the moment than to concentrate on my health, for my own and my family's sake. My father's life's work needs a strong leadership that holds everything together. The donor environment has got tougher and it takes more energy to secure the finances to run Newlands Clinic year after year. With more than 8,000 patients dependent on us for lifelong, professional treatment, there's simply no way around this.

What's next for the foundation?

We can count on many outstanding employees, both in Harare and in Bern. The foundation has a solid foundation, for which I'm very grateful. The search for a suitable successor for the management has been under way since the beginning of the year. In the meantime our longstanding trustee Gregor Neidhart has taken over the management of the foundation. In recent months he's already been acting as co-CEO, and enjoys my full confidence.

How much Lüthy is there still in the foundation?

A lot. My resignation won't change the foundation's values and objectives. Of course it's very difficult for me to let go of the operational management after all these years. But the foundation and clinic are and will remain an essential part of our family - our family history. So, I'll always be connected to my father's work.