Act against Aids


Study: The evolution of HIV Care in Zimbabwe

A study by our Medical Director, Dr Margaret Pascoe, shows how HIV care in Zimbabwe has changed over the last two decades. A short article with insights into the study was recently published in the Medical Education Newsletter "HIV Focus" in Africa.


Annual Report: Efficient project work in tough environment

The foundation closed the year with an operating loss of around CHF 300,000. A good 90 per cent of total expenses flowed into aid projects. Thanks to a high degree of professionalism and efficiency, a record increase of 471 patients was managed well. The annual loss of CHF 2.4 million is primarily due to a poor year on the stock markets.


Annual Report: Stepping up international research activity

Last year we were again able to contribute to applied HIV research. In particular, our cooperation with the University of Bern was further intensified.


Annual Report: Training where it’s urgently needed

The training centre has again trained more than 1,000 people in the treatment of HIV/AIDS. It has expanded its activities in the provinces and districts. That way, the knowledge gets directly to the places where it’s still largely lacking.


Annual Report: «We must expand our services»

The HIV epidemic is maturing, and new challenges like HIV-associated cancers and non-communicable diseases are emerging. Our Director Clinical Affairs, Dr Margie Pascoe, explains how Newlands Clinic addresses these changes.


Annual Report: The challenge of HIV-associated cancers

The HIV treatment at Newlands Clinic is working. In almost all patients, the virus is no longer detectable in the blood. But with HIV-associated cancers on the surge, we’re facing a challenge. That’s why Newlands Clinic is increasingly focusing on cancer prevention and therapy.


Annual report: Hans Lutz’s editorial

In his review of the year, Hans Lutz writes about the changes in the foundation board and tells of his visit to Harare.


Annual Report: Ruedi Lüthy’s editorial

In his review of the year, Ruedi Lüthy writes of challenging situations and beautiful moments. His special thanks go to the team in Zimbabwe and the donors in Switzerland.


2022 Annual Report

Newlands Clinic is treating about 8,000 patients with HIV. Thanks to our donors, we provide quality and comprehensive care to those in need. Read about what kept us busy during the past year.

2022 Annual Report

Two new members join the Board of Trustees

At the end of March 2023 the Ruedi Lüthy Foundation elected Eliane Rohner and Gilles Wandeler to the Board of Trustees. The two medical practitioners bring a great deal of experience and specialist knowledge in infectiology and epidemiology that will greatly enrich the board. The foundation extends a warm welcome to them both.


“I hope to impact others”

Ethel Dorothy Itayi Tsomondo is a Nurse Educator at the Parirenyatwa School of Nursing, where she educates student nurses and postgraduate nursing students. She took part in our HIV management course for nurse tutors. People like her are key in cascading the knowledge acquired to student nurses across the country. In this interview, Ethel Dorothy Itayi Tsomondo shares her learnings and hopes after the course.


20 years of shared commitment

20 years ago, Ruedi Lüthy founded together with his family, friends, and supporters the Ruedi Lüthy Foundation. In Zimbabwe’s capital city Harare, he began building an HIV clinic. Today Newlands Clinic is treating about 8,000 patients. Being the biggest HIV training centre we are improving the provision of HIV-positive people in the whole country. And due to clinical research, we are contributing to progressive HIV medicines. Thanks to your support, we are helping to curb the HIV pandemic long-term. We say thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your trust and are looking forward to many more years to come.

Changes in the Board of Trustees

Two of our esteemed members left the Board of Trustees of the Ruedi Lüthy Foundation at the end of the term of office in 2022. We want to thank Ulrich B. Mayer and Beat Wagner from the bottom of our hearts for their long-term and highly appreciated engagement.


Study: Cervical Cancer in Women living with HIV

Women living with HIV are at an increased risk of developing cervical cancer. We conducted a study identifying gaps in the continuum of care for cervical cancer screening, together with our Swiss partners in the IeDEA collaboration.


Software enhancing HIV care at Newlands Clinic

The clinic’s health care system electronic Point of Care (ePOC) plays a vital role in our patient management. It allows well-trained nurses to take on most treatment tasks and helps improve the quality of care. Our software developer Ross Hadingham explains the functioning and opportunities the software comes with.


Annual Report: Higher income and stable project expenditure

In the second year of the pandemic we were also able to count on the support of our donors. This is reflected in very good income. Total expenditures remained stable, with 88.6% flowing directly into projects. We closed the 2021 financial year with a profit of CHF 1.8 million.


Annual Report: Effective research thanks to consistent data

2021 our IT team continued to develop our patient database. Electronic transmission of lab results facilitates the work and helps improve the quality of data. Thanks to reliable data, our team can conduct research on HIV/Aids in Zimbabwe and improve data quality on a permanent basis..


“The need for knowledge is huge”

For another year the Covid-19 pandemic had a great influence on activities at Newlands Clinic Training Centre. Thanks to online training, we educated more health care workers in HIV/Aids management than ever. Our Director of Training and Research, Dr Cleophas Chimbetete, gives an insight into the past year.


Annual Report: Highlights and great engagement

Our CEO Sabine Lüthy looks back onto our year of 2021. The unbroken and generous support from Switzerland made her especially grateful.


Annual Report: Diverse approaches to successful treatment

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, Newlands Clinic has been able to provide its patients with uninterrupted medical treatment and comprehensive care throughout 2021. With great success: never have there been more patients with a suppressed viral load.


Great engagement in times of turmoil

Prof. Ruedi Lüthy reflects on last year's ups and downs. The corona pandemic had a huge impact on our work at Newlands Clinic. But thanks to our teams' engagement, we were able to secure HIV treatment for our patients the whole year.


2021 Annual Report

Newlands Clinic is treating more than 7,000 patients with HIV. Thanks to our donors, we kept our doors open despite the corona pandemic. Read now what kept us busy during the past year.

2021 Annual Report

Courageously ahead

Everyday courageous decisions are necessary to master life in Zimbabwe. Thanks to your support, we are successfully doing so. But what does courage mean exactly? We asked our staff at Newlands Clinic this philosophical question.


Annual Report: “We will continue to master these challenges”

Sabine Lüthy chose a picture to reflect on last year for our annual report. She decided on a photo from our entrance where all patients, staff and visitors underwent a health check. She is impressed how we have managed to accompany our patients safely through this difficult time thanks to our staff and donors.


Annual Report: Thanks to prudence and flexibility also successful during the Covid-19 crisis

Thanks to the support of our loyal donors and prudent planning, we closed the 2020 financial year with a profit of CHF 0.9 million. Around 90 per cent of total expenses flowed directly into aid projects, reflecting even more efficient use of resources than in 2019.


Annual Report: Modern lab equipment facilitates diagnosis

As well as making an important contribution to the quality of treatment, Newlands Clinic’s well-equipped laboratory is also a reliable source of data for research into HIV/Aids and associated diseases.


Annual Report: Innovative course formats for greater flexibility

Hardest hit by the effects of the coronavirus pandemic was our Newlands Clinic Training Centre, which was unable to hold courses on site from March to October. Instead, Newlands Clinic stepped up decentralised training in the provinces.


Annual Report: “At some point this storm too will be over”

The year of 2020 was dominated by the coronavirus pandemic, with work at Newlands Clinic shaped by lockdowns, precautionary measures, and growing poverty. In this interview, our clinic manager, Marion Mukasa-Batende, describes how the team is pulling together to provide the best possible care to patients.


Annual Report: Getting through the pandemic with courage and creativity

The coronavirus pandemic has also hit people in Zimbabwe very hard and has at times had a major effect on our work. Even so, our dedicated clinic team has always been able to find solutions to keep up the usual standards of treatment and care for our patients.


Annual Report: "I am deeply impressed"

Ruedi Lüthy chose a picture to reflect on last year for our annual report. He decided on a team photo because for him the accomplishment of our highly committed team has been characteristic. Despite Covid-19, our team held the standards high and secured treatment for all our patients throughout 2020.


2020 Annual Report

Last year presented itself with a lot of unpredictable challenges. Nevertheless, our team at Newlands Clinic did its work with prudence, wisdom, and creativity. Thanks to this we were able to ensure the treatment and care of our patients at all times and to treat more people in need. Newlands Clinic is now caring for over 7,000 patients. For this, we are grateful from the bottom of our hearts. Learn more about our activities:

Annual Report 2020

Manuel Sager enhances the Board of Trustees at Ruedi Lüthy Foundation

Our Board of Trustees at Ruedi Lüthy Foundation named a new member as of the 1st of January 2021. Manuel Sager, former Director-General of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation SDC, complements our Board of Trustees with his expertise in the development and international relationships. Together with Ruedi Lüthy, he explains how this engagement came to life.


“Ruedi Lüthy is changing the lives of many”

Ruedi Lüthy, HIV/Aids specialist and founder of Ruedi Lüthy Foundation, turns 80 years old. As a member of the board of trustees, trainer at Newlands Clinic Training Center, and mentor he still takes an active part in the development of the foundations' work. Ruedi Lüthy is fighting the HIV/Aids pandemic since the 1980s – at first in Switzerland, now in Zimbabwe.


“The positivity outweighs by far all negativity“

A difficult and unusual year is coming to an end. Our CEO Sabine Lüthy explains how Newlands Clinic mastered the past few months. And she is summing up what has happened during this time.


Cleophas Chimbetete successfully defends PhD

Our Director Research and Training Cleophas Chimbetete successfully defended his PhD thesis with summa cum laude - merit distinction - at the Global Health Institute of the University of Geneva. His thesis is titled “HIV Drug Resistance and Third Line Antiretroviral Therapy Treatment Outcomes in Zimbabwe”. We congratulate him from the bottom of our hearts.

Important contribution to HIV research

Besides providing life-saving treatment to people with HIV/Aids, Newlands Clinic helps ensure the ongoing improvement of retroviral therapy in southern Africa. This is possible thanks to the high-quality long-term data we gather with our own software, ePOC.


Life-saving knowledge for southern Africa

In 2019 the Newlands Clinic Training Centre provided 871 healthcare workers with a solid grounding in the effective treatment of HIV/Aids. For the second time it was possible to stage a course for nurses in southern African countries with the support of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC).


"The crisis is bringing out the best in all of us"

Ruedi and Sabine Lüthy work hand in hand for the benefit of patients at Newlands Clinic. Together they resume last year in our annual report.


Delivery of laboratory items arrived

Our laboratory at Newlands Clinic finally received a delivery of testing supplies. Due to the corona crisis it has been challenging to import material. Samples we had to put on hold are now being processed by our staff. This is how we ensure high quality treatment at Newlands Clinic.


2019 Annual Report

The year 2019 was an extremely difficult time for people in Zimbabwe. Thanks to judicious planning, loyal donors and a dedicated team, we were able to give more than 6,700 people with HIV/Aids hope for a better future. Read more about our activities:

Annual Report 2019

Keeping up mental health during corona crisis

The lockdown in Zimbabwe puts a number of our already vulnerable patients in distress. Our mental and social health (MSH) team is more indispensable than ever. They had to find new ways to support our patients during the corona crisis. Bahati Kasimonje, head of social and mental health, is giving an insight:


Food delivery received

Newlands Clinic obtained another delivery of food. Our stock will last for some additional weeks. Furthermore, our Clinic mastered the first week of the lockdown Zimbabwe well.


Latest Adjustments at Newlands Clinic

Newlands Clinic provides essential medical services during the lockdown period to patients in dire need. Our team makes it possible: Thanks to their tireless and professional engagement Newlands Clinic remains partially open.


«We need to protect ourselves the best way possible»

The Coronavirus reached Zimbabwe: Newlands Clinic took further safety measurements.  The health of our staff and patients is our top priority. Read more about the current situation at Newlands Clinic. Country Director Matthias Widmaier answered our questions.



Newlands Clinic enforces precautions

Zimbabwe has no confirmed COVID-19 cases until now. We are monitoring the situation closely. Newlands Clinic is continuously adapting the measures we already took. We are welcoming every patient in a temporary pavilion as of Monday. Our medical staff will measure temperature, ask questions about their health status and other possible risks. Thus, we are keeping control of everyone entering and leaving the clinic. Patients with a suspected corona infection will be sent to the designated hospital by our medical staff.


COVID-19: No confirmed cases in Zimbabwe to date

Until now, COVID-19 did not affect Zimbabwe. All suspected cases turned out to be negative, the Zimbabwean Ministry of Health and Child Care reported. Our medical staff at Newlands Clinic is closely monitoring the situation and took precautionary measures.


Testing: Explaining HIV/Aids playfully

Love Land App aims to inform teenagers about taboo subjects such as sexuality and HIV/Aids through playing. Karin Stierlin is developing this app with her organization taboobreaker. Next week girls and boys of different ages are examining an early version of the app at Newlands Clinic. In the following interview, Karin Stierlin explains how crucial testing the app is and what result she is expecting.


"The Swiss Human Rights Award is a Very Distinct Honor"

The Swiss branch of the International Society for Human Rights (ISHR) honors Ruedi Lüthy with the Swiss Human Rights Award for his engagement against HIV/Aids. "This acknowledgement for my work makes me very proud", says Prof. Dr. Ruedi Lüthy, founder of the Ruedi Lüthy Foundation. The award presentation took place on the 7th of December 2019 in Bern.


Ruedi Lüthy receives honorary doctorate

The Faculty of Medicine awarded its honorary doctorate to Ruedi Lüthy for his pioneering work and his tireless fight against HIV/Aids. The official ceremony took place 29th of November at St. Martin’s Church in Basel.


Scientific Award for Ruedi Lüthy

At the opening of the 17th European Aids Conference in Basel Ruedi Lüthy received the "Award for Excellence in HIV Medicine 2019". The EACS European AIDS Clinical Society rewarded Ruedi Lüthy for his engagement against HIV/Aids. "This Award is a great honor", says Ruedi Lüthy, founder of the Ruedi Lüthy Foundation.


"More than a drop into the ocean"

Knowledge that saves lives: Newlands Clinic trained in partnership with Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) 20 health workers from six countries in Southern Africa. In an two-weeks course they got theoretical and practical knowledge about HIV treatment. "The training we do has a multiplying effect ", says our teacher Azza Mashumba in an interview with Newlands Clinic.


A home for the homeless

Many young people struggle with their HIV infection and the lifetime of therapy that it means. They need particularly close support to ensure that their treatment continues uninterrupted.


2018 Annual Report

Our Annual Report 2018 is online! Find out how we made an impact for 6,500 HIV patients in Zimbabwe.

Many thanks to all our donors, supporters and our whole staff.

Enjoy the read.

“For a Federal Councillor to visit our clinic is a huge honour”

The Newlands Clinic team will not forget 9 January 2019 any time soon, as it was the day that Federal Councillor Ignazio Cassis toured our clinic in Harare as part of his visit to southern Africa. The foreign minister appeared impressed, and emphasised the important contribution that Newlands Clinic is making to the fight against HIV/AIDS.


Ignazio Cassis plans to visit Newlands Clinic

On January 9th, Swiss Federal Councillor Ignazio Cassis will come and see Newlands Clinic on his visit to three southern African countries. The team looks very much forward to welcoming him!

Official Press release


Newlands Clinic was represented at the International AIDS Conference in Amsterdam!

Our staff members Cleo Chimbetete, Tinei Shamu, Sandra Bote and Bahati Kasimonje presented results on different studies conducted on Mortality Trends among HIV-patients as well as the positive impact group counselling has on adherence in adolescent patients.


Happy Birthday Ruedi Lüthy Foundation!

Our foundation was created 15 years ago: “I am proud of an incredible team”. Listen to Ruedi Lüthy’s short interview.

Today, more than 6,000 patients living with HIV are treated at our Newlands Clinic. A big and heartful thank you to all our supporters and our staff for making this happen!

Video on Youtube!

I empower patients, as living with HIV involves lots of psycho-social issues and stigma

Marigold Mupunga talks about her first few weeks as a social worker at the Newlands Clinic. Find out what inspires her most, and what is crucial in her role.


IWD2018: High five to the women!

Today is International Women's Day 2018! Your wish for every woman?

Watch the Newlands Clinic employees Petronella Mudhokwani, Linda Chirimuta, Eleanor Kaziboni and Charity Hutete!

Video on youtube!

Happy International Women's Day and High Five to the Women in Zimbabwe, Switzerland and worldwide! Check the voices of our male employees.

IWD2018: hear some voices!

Tomorrow is International Women's Day 2018! Listen to what the gentlemen at our Newlands Clinic have to say.

Our staff members Tinashe Mudzviti, Stefan Zimmerli and Walker Takaendesa know exactly what they wish for the women! Watch our video on youtube. 

Check the voices of our female employees.

World AIDS Day: Guest commentary by Ruedi Lüthy

“You don’t need state-of-the-art medicine to get to grips with Aids. But what you do need is high-quality care centred on the patients.” To mark World Aids Day 2017, Ruedi Lüthy has written a guest commentary in the Swiss newspaper Neue Zürcher Zeitung, in which he explains why the battle against Aids is still far from over.

Read article (in German)

Study ‘TENART’ confirms high quality of care at Newlands Clinic

Over a 10-year period, Ruedi Lüthy and his team examined the outcomes of more than 600 long-term HIV patients receiving treatment at Newlands Clinic. Thanks to the comprehensive care and support they are given, the results are comparable to those in Switzerland.


Interviews with Ruedi Lüthy

What is the current situation in Harare and how do people react to the recent events in Zimbabwe? Ruedi Lüthy has been interviewed by different Swiss media during the last days, among them Swiss TV station SRF. Meanwhile, Newlands Clinic is still operating normally.


Information on the current situation in Zimbabwe

The political situation in Zimbabwe has been tense for some time, and on 15 November the army took temporary control of the country. The situation in the capital, Harare, is calm at present, however, and Newlands Clinic is operating normally. The security and safety of our staff and patients is of the utmost importance, and we will be monitoring the situation as it develops.


Stefan Zimmerli takes up duties as Medical Coordinator

As announced at the end of 2016, following a thorough induction process Stefan Zimmerli is now officially taking up his duties as Medical Coordinator at Newlands Clinic. Prof. Ruedi Lüthy will continue to play an active role, providing advice on medical matters where required.


14 tons of milk powder arrived at Newlands Clinic

A large delivery of milk powder has arrived at Newlands Clinic last week. The high-protein powder is also rich in vitamins. The 14 tons will be distributed to the children with HIV to support their growth as well as to patients recovering from illness. We would like to say a huge thank you to the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), which has been financing the milk powder since 2008.

Medical Doctors’ Ball donates CHF 8,000

The Medical Doctors’ Ball held on 16 September in Lucerne collected donations for our foundation for the 15th year running. Stefan Zimmerli, our future Medical Coordinator, and our Chief Executive Sabine Lüthy accepted a cheque for CHF 8,000. Our heartfelt thanks go to the organisers and guests for a wonderful evening and their long-standing support!

(Photo: Fabian Biasio)

Beat Wagner joins Board of Trustees

The Ruedi Lüthy Foundation Board of Trustees appointed Beat Wagner as its new member at the end of August 2017. A specialist in communi­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­cations and a former diplomat, he will be an ideal addition to the six-strong team. Welcome on board!


2016 Annual Report

Our 2016 Annual Report is now online. In addition to an overview of our activities, it gives you an insight into everyday working life of Newlands Clinic’s social worker. Melania Mugamu visits especially vulnerable patients such as orphans or single mothers in their homes in order to find out how we can support them. Having her own HIV story to tell, the fight against HIV/Aids is particularly close to her heart.


New medi­cines for babies and infants

Just like adults, babies and infants receiving treatment at Newlands Clinic have to take their HIV medicine every day. Thus far they have received this in the form of a bitter syrup, which made administering the drug very unpleasant. Thanks to the Clinton Health Access Initiative, 24 babies and infants up to the age of three now receive their medicine in small pellets, which can be added to their food twice a day. This means the treatment is no longer a daily ordeal for the parents and children. The pilot project started in April 2017 and will run until the end of the year. It will then be evaluated to determine whether to switch over to the new medicine in the long term.

“Once the pa­tient starts getting bet­ter, the hunger returns”

After visiting us at Newlands Clinic in Harare, the Swiss newspaper Tages-Anzeiger published an in-depth report on the hardships our patients face every day, and the difficult decisions the medical team sometimes have to make. Susanne Anderegg also talked to Ruedi Lüthy about his vision for the future.

Tages-Anzeiger, 27 May 2017 (pdf, in German)

Interview with Ruedi Lüthy

The Swiss foundation ‘Dialog Ethik’ has published an interview with Ruedi Lüthy on moral courage in its quarterly magazine. The journalist Denise Battaglia spoke with him about the fight against HIV/Aids in Switzerland in the 1980s, about his decision to establish Newlands Clinic in Harare, and about his moral principles as a medical doctor. We hope you find it interesting reading.

Dialog Ethik, May 2017 (pdf, in German)

Vocatio­nal skills training: 25 new participants

Our vocational skills training programme has started a new year, and a further 25 adolescents and young adults receiving treatment at Newlands Clinic will thus be given the chance to learn a vocation and start working for themselves. In light of the economic crisis in Zimbabwe, this support is more important than ever.


Group therapy for children and adolescents

At the end of April, ten young teenagers who have only recently had their HIV diagnosis disclosed to them attended a week-long group therapy meeting at Newlands Clinic’s Adolescent Corner. Here they had the opportunity to discuss all their questions and worries about living with HIV, their main concerns being the need for support in taking their medication regularly and their fear of life-long treatment. The group therapy is aimed at empowering the adolescents and giving them confidence that they, too, can thrive in life despite HIV.

"Kulturplatz" about the fight against Aids

The Swiss TV programme “Kulturplatz” reported on the fight against HIV/Aids on 22 February and talked to Sabine Lüthy. What happened when Aids came up in Switzerland in the eighties? How was life back then as a teenager and as the daughter of the renowned Aids expert Ruedi Lüthy? And what is the situation in Zimbabwe like today?

Watch the programme online (in German)

MediService donates CHF 12,000

Throughout 2016, the 100 or so staff at specialist pharmacy MediService collected voluntary donations for the Ruedi Lüthy Foundation in their petty cash kitty. At the end of the year, the company rounded up the amount and its CEO Dr. Jürg Gasser presented our Chief Executive Sabine Lüthy with a cheque for CHF 12,000.

Our heartfelt thanks go to the entire team for their solidarity with the patients of Newlands Clinic!

Patrick Rohr moving to Patronage Committee

Having served on our Board of Trustees since 2008, Patrick Rohr will be joining the Patronage Committee from January 2017. The search for a new member of the Board of Trustees will take place in 2017.


Stefan Zimmerli new Medical Coordinator of Newlands Clinic

Stefan Zimmerli, Senior Staff Physician at the University Clinic for Infectious Diseases at Inselspital, is to take over as Medical Coordinator of Newlands Clinic as part of a cooperation with Inselspital Berne. He will be providing specialist support to the medical team with immediate effect, and ensuring ongoing education and training. Ruedi Lüthy will be reducing his workload from January 2017 and will ultimately step down as Medical Director.


Newlands Clinic patient addresses Medicus Mundi conference

When Maximina Jokonya found out she was HIV-positive at the age of thirteen, it was as if her world had fallen apart. Today, the Newlands Clinic patient helps young people who have been similarly affected. In November, she came to Switzerland at the invitation of Medicus Mundi to talk about her experiences.


Medical Doctor's Ball 2016

This year, too, the “Medical Doctor’s Ball” hast collected donations to support our foundation. A cheque of CHF 10,000 was handed over to Martin Fuhrer, member of our Board of Trustees, on 15 October. Our heartfelt thanks to the organising committee and the guests for the wonderful nigh and their generous support!

Maize farming project to be continued

In June 2015, the Ruedi Lüthy Foundation set up a project for food-insecure patients aimed at enabling them to feed themselves and their families with efficient maize farming. 135 patients have since completed the course. Despite the severe drought, the results have been encouraging and the project is therefore to be extended for a further year.


HPV vaccination for all girls

One year after opening, the new Women's Health Centre is in full swing, with some 350 of our patients using its services every month. Since the end of last year, we have also been able to vaccinate all some 300 girls aged 10 to 17 receiving treatment at Newlands Clinic against the HP viruses. HPV can cause the dangerous cervical cancer, which unfortunately has a higher-than-average incidence among HIV patients.

More about women's health...

Milk powder for our patients

A large delivery of milk powder has arrived at Newlands Clinic: over the coming year we will be distributing some 14.06 tonnes to our patients. This high-protein powder is also rich in vitamins, and is particularly important for supporting the growth of children and patients recovering from illness. In light of the crop failures resulting from the drought, this will be especially important this year. We would like to say a huge thank you to the SDC, which has been financing the milk powder since 2008.

Shutdown protest in Zimbabwe

Since the end of June, Zimbabweans have been staging protests against the economic slump and increasing poverty. An initial shutdown took place on 6 July, and this was followed by a second on 13 and 14 July. During this time, services at Newlands Clinic were reduced. Today, 15 July, Newlands Clinic’s services are back to normal.


"Treating HIV is an undertaking that spans several generations"

On 1 July 2016, Swiss Aids Care Inter­na­tional was renamed as the Ruedi Lüthy Foundation. Chief Executive Sabine Lüthy ex­plains the reasons behind the name change, and what it means for the future.


Food crisis in Zimbabwe threatens patients

Amid severe drought conditions, Zimbabwe faces an impending food crisis. Newlands Clinic is also affected, with 600 patients and their families particularly at threat. An emergency food relief programme aims to provide basic sustenance to a total of some 3,000 people for one year.


Paradies Stiftung honours lifetime achievement of Prof. Ruedi Lüthy

The Zurich-based foundation Paradies Stiftung presented its prize for social innovation for the fourth time on 30 November, the award going to Ruedi Lüthy in recognition of his life’s work. The CHF 120,000 prize money will go to the Swiss Aids Care International foundation.


Medical Doctor's Ball 2015

The 13th Medical Doctor’s Ball took place in Lucerne on 5 September. A cheque of CHF 10,000 was handed over to Gregor Neidhart, member of our Board of Trustees. Our heartfelt thanks to the organising committee and the guests for their generous support!

"This project is an inspiration"

Matthias Widmaier, the new Country Director at Newlands Clinic, has been in Harare since October 2014. In our interview, he explains how the past few months have been for him, and what has surprised him the most.


Fighting hunger with efficient maize farming

We have launched a farming project to provide long-term support to patients suffering from hunger. This will enable 270 families to grow maize independently in the future. Patients who do not have sufficient areas of land available to them will continue to receive food aid.


New Women’s Health Centre

Thanks to a significant bequest, Newlands Clinic has been able to expand yet further, setting up a Women’s Health Centre in a building adjacent to the HIV clinic in recent months. The centre was officially opened yesterday, 3 March 2015. In addition to diagnosis and treatment of cervical cancer and sexually transmitted infections, the centre will offer family planning services and advice to victims of sexual abuse and gender based violence.


Ruedi Lüthy receives 2015 Doron Prize

On 17 February 2015, the Swiss Foundation for the Doron Prize announced the three winners of this year’s awards in recognition of outstanding social, scientific and cultural commitment. Among the recipients is Prof. Ruedi Lüthy, who has been honoured for his work in fighting to improve the lives of people suffering from HIV and AIDS in Zimbabwe.


Matthias Widmaier appointed Country Director

Following on from Sabine Lüthy taking over as CEO in 2012, Swiss Aids Care International (since July 2016 Ruedi Lüthy Foundation) has taken the next step in its succession planning. Matthias Widmaier (47) is taking on the role of Country Director of Swiss Aids Care International (Zimbabwe), thus also expanding the management team of Newlands Clinic. Prof. Ruedi Lüthy (73) will remain on-site as Medical Director, and will be responsible for the treatment of patients and the training of healthcare professionals.


Extension of HIV treatment at Newlands Clinic

To date only first and second line regimens for HIV treatment have been provided in Zimbabwe. However, third line regimens are now also available. Newlands Clinic is one of only four clinics that will be allowed to offer the corresponding treatment in future.

News 02-09-2014

On the death of Dr. Joep Lange

Swiss Aids Care International (since July 2016 Ruedi Lüthy Foundation) mourns the loss of Dr. Joep Lange from Amsterdam, member of our Scientific Advisory Council since 2003.

News 18-07-2014

Expansion of Vocational Skills Training Programme

In March 2014, a group of HIV-positive adolescents suffering from depression started the programme that Newlands Clinic set up together with Africaid Zvandiri for the first time.

News 16-07-2014

Patient reports at World Health Assembly

Loyce Maturu was invited by the WHO to talk about her experiences and her work as a counsellor for young people who are HIV-positive.

News 27-05-2014

Continued growth for the Training Centre

Since September 2013, there has been a new course on offer at Newlands Clinic Training Centre, covering diagnosis and treatment of cervical cancer.

News 08-04-2014

10 Years Newlands Clinic

In February, Newlands Clinic in Harare celebrated its 10th anniversary. The plans for the coming years are to increase the number of patients from the current level of around 4,500 to 6,000.

Media Release 24-02-2014

Expanding food aid for patients

Since the nutritional situation of many patients has deteriorated, around 400 of them have therefore been receiving food aid in the form of vitamin-rich porridge since January 2014.

News 04-02-2014

New member on Board of Trustees

On 17 December 2013, Swiss Aids Care International (since July 2016: Ruedi Lüthy Foundation) appointed Martin Fuhrer as a new member of its Board of Trustees.

News 09-01-2014

Newlands Clinic serving as model clinic in Zimbabwe

The globally active non-profit organisation Population Services International (PSI) is to open four clinics based on the Newlands Clinic model. Newlands Clinic will train the staff, and will support PSI with the overall concept, implementation, mentorship and quality assurance.

Media release 10-09-2013

Big celebration of 10th anniversary

Swiss Aids Care International (since July 2016: Ruedi Lüthy Foundation) celebrated its 10th anniversary on March 14 2013 at EB Zurich. The foundation is now entering a new phase, with plans to step up the training of local care workers. The search has also begun for a successor as Director of the Newlands Clinic, as Prof. Ruedi Lüthy will be giving up some of his duties in the course of the next year for age reasons.

Media release 15-03-2013

Amavita’s “Children Helping Children” campaign

In September 2011, the Amavita network of pharmacies called on children to draw pictures for the children in Zimbabwe. This proved to be a resounding success, with whole school classes and kindergartens supporting the campaign. Nearly 3,000 drawings were handed in at the pharmacies across Switzerland. Amavita donated CHF 25 per drawing, and then rounded the amount up to CHF 100,000.

Prof. Ruedi Lüthy at the Novartis Foundation’s Symposium 2012

Prof. Ruedi Lüthy gave a presentation at this year’s symposium of the Novartis Foundation for Sustainable Development on Tuesday, 4 December 2012, where he spoke about how clinical treatment and psychosocial support of HIV-positive children and young people can complement each other.

News 04-12-2012

Former Federal Councilor visits Newlands Clinic

Former Federal Councilor Ruth Dreifuss travelled to Harare, Zimbabwe for the first time at the end of April to visit Newlands Clinic. Since its foundation in 2003, Ruth Dreifuss has been a member of the patronage committee of Swiss Aids Care International (since July 2016: Ruedi Lüthy Foundation) and has been committed to combating aids.

News 21-05-2012

Sabine Lüthy takes over as CEO of the foundation

Sabine Lüthy, previously a presenter and editor with Swiss Radio DRS, is to take over as CEO of the Swiss Aids Care International foundation (since July 2016: Ruedi Lüthy Foundation) on 1 January 2012. The foundation was set up in 2003 by her father, Prof. Ruedi Lüthy, and runs a clinic for HIV and AIDS patients and a training centre in Zimbabwe. With Sabine Lüthy taking over as CEO, this ensures that the foundation’s work will be carried on in keeping with her father’s vision and ideals over the long term. He will continue to head the clinic on-site in Harare.

Media release 02-11-2011